About Us

We are one of the most renowned group of Bhubaneswar. Our business started in the year 1983 with the launch of Lingaraj Stones Crusher which initially only dealt with stone chips. Later we expanded into manufacturing of concrete blocks. We were the first to introduce Concrete Blocks in Bhubaneswar market. There after these have played a tremendous role in shaping the infrastructure of Bhubaneswar and some of its neighboring cities.

Now we have diversified into new areas like Agro processing, Information Technology and Steel fabrications. Esskay group with its strong values and ethics has always delivered the best to its consumers. And with its vision- "To grow with Quality" the group aspires to be the most sought after group in the near future.

Goal... what's goal. We don't have any goal. Goal is the state of affairs that a plan is intended to achieve and that (when achieved) terminates behavior intended to achieve it. And we are not someone who intends to stop something good at any stage or under any circumstances. So we don't have any goal but what we have is a promise, an everlasting promise. We don't intend to deliver any goals rather we intend to deliver quality to our esteemed clients and partners. Our idea is to provide high quality products today, tomorrow and eternity. Our founder very rightly said that "Quality is only thing that will withstand the test of time." We blandish his thought and made it the main and in separable constituent of our moral and values.

We are committed to deliver high quality goods and services in whatever field we work in because we believe quality is something that cannot be compromised with.

We are a quality driven firm and believe a good quality product markets for self. The art of marketing is about wowing customers and driving them to buy our products but we believe our role must be beyond that. We not just want our customer to buy from us but what we are looking for is to live the philosophy “Customer for life”. We want our customer to stay with us forever and let us serve them whenever they need us. We not only want to wow them to sell our product but also want our product to wow them even after it is sold. So we want to keep our marketing process short and simple yet effective and optimized. Strategically we have divided our marketing process into two parts “Recruiting” and “Retaining” with product quality remaining the core.

Because of what we believe and what our vision is we put more efforts in retaining process than in recruiting process. We are determined to put 70% of our marketing efforts in RETAINING and remaining 30% in RECRUITING both structured around our key business component i.e. QUALITY. The same applies when it comes to our employees and our partners.